Not a chartplotter, but a super sailing processor designed to deal with every sensor input and calculation required by even the most demanding of sailors. This is the heavy hitter in B&Gs instrument and processor range.

The innovative H5000 instrument and autopilot systems combine unique sailing features with time and race proven technology in a straightforward package. Developed for blue water cruisers and racing yachts alike, the range brings powerful system options to complement and enhance your sailing passion, whatever the weather!

With powerful processing power, the H5000 can analyse wind, tide and wave inputs, to ensure the most precise course is taken, with a state of the art autopilot taking out the worry in any sea state. Have B&Gs knowledge and experience beside you, wherever you are.

Available with different software levels, dependent on the requirement of the vessel, the system can be tailored individually,from dealing with the basics, to polar tables and 3D motion technology. All accessible from a web server interface, making interaction for navigators a far more pleasant experience. No more endless spinning of jogwheels to enter values into polarization tables!

Running this system with an integral CPU has a wealth of advantages including web-browser based setup via the new H5000 interface, for easy set-up, calibration, commissioning, backup/restore and advanced diagnostics. It also expands the system’s communications capabilities, with dual NMEA 0183 ports with selectable message configuration, Ethernet link to the webserver and other software apps. Add a wireless router and you benefit from tablet/smartphone integration. A CPU provides enhanced sensor support and specific sailing features like wind correction for heel/trim angle and true wind correction – improving the data displayed to the user and guiding the autopilot. It also simplifies seemingly complex calibrations through AutoCal calibration routines.

The Processor

The H5000 instrument system is powered by a smart Central Processing Unit (CPU), capable of running three levels of software, Hydra, Hercules and Performance. Performance is specifically designed for larger yachts. In addition to the benefits of running a CPU delivered by Hydra, plus the racing features of Hercules, Performance introduces features to facilitate the monitoring of complex systems typical of larger yachts such as support for dual wind sensors. Additionally, the system provides support for dual rudders, including advanced features like rudder toe-in angle. Performance also monitors multiple daggerboards; port, starboard, centre and provides an active draught value (depth below the daggerboard). Further bespoke functionality delivered by Performance for sailing large yachts includes the tracking of ground wind speed and direction, Rate of Turn and enhanced polar performance targets. It is straightforward to set up and calibrate with the new H5000 web-browser interface, however complex the system.

The Graphical Display.

B&G’s H5000 Graphic Display is a 5-inch, sunlight-viewable colour screen with a highly intuitive user interface. View your sailing data in sharp digital detail or graphical form with an impressive 4Hz update rate. Use the Graphic Display as the main visual information hub of your H5000 system or as an alternative to a Race Display whether on deck, from a distance or in short-range applications at nav stations, in cabins and on pedestal mounts. Uniquely designed for sailing, this marine monitor is packed with dedicated features such as time plot, wind plot smart line, SailSteer and MOB ley lines.

Key Features:

  • High-Contrast Optically Bonded LCD
  • 5″ sunlight viewable, colour graphic, wide-screen display
  • Straight-forward, context-sensitive, user interface
  • Unique sailing features including SailSteer and Start Line
  • Robust, lightweight ABS construction
  • Core H5000 setup and calibration control

The Race Display.

The bonded glass H5000 Race Display features large, clear custom display to deliver essential race data at a glance. A unique bar graph adjacent to the numbers provides an immediate visual indicator of target data and trends.

With huge viewing angles and excellent visibility, this 5-inch LCD screen is sunlight readable and the backlight can be dimmed to almost zero for night sailing.

Key features:

  • Extremely High-Contrast Optically Bonded LCD
  • 5″ sunlight viewable, segmented monochrome, wide-screen display
  • Straight-forward user interface
  • System status icons
  • Bar Graph option for graphical view of selected data
  • Robust, lightweight ABS construction
  • HV, Race TImer and backlight control for H5000