Digital Switching

Digital Switching: clearing up the confusion to stop you switching off.

To help you wade through the myriad of different digital switching options on offer, we’ve provided a quick overview of the main brands offerings, along with some of the pros and cons of each system, whether its a few lights controlled from a chartplotter, to a full AMCS system with touchscreen controls, there’s an option for every budget!

With more and more boats embracing the convenience and efficiency of new smart systems, E Touch Navcom are experienced in all the main brands of digital switching available and are able to specify the system best suited to your individual requirements and ensure full compatibility of all your existing systems.

From basic functionality of switching on navigation lights from your chartplotter, to full vessel control with scenes and multi-room control options, there’s never been a better time to upgrade your system. Below is a quick overview of some of the main brands, their functionality and benefits.


  • Uses Standard NMEA2000 Cabling for data transmission.
  • Compatible with most brands of MFD.
  • Separate touchscreen controllers available.
  • Clear, Simple Graphics.
  • Separate modules, depending on function.
  • Programmable screens including floorplans and layouts.
  • Full control and monitoring available.
  • Lots of partner integration, such as HVAC controls.


  • Uses Standard NMEA2000 cabling for data transmission.
  • Mainly designed for interfacing with Raymarine or Garmin MFDs.
  • Multifunction modules, minimising material and installation costs.
  • Advanced lighting controller inbuilt, including PWM dimming functionality.
  • 18A High current outputs.
  • Configurable I/O


  • Exclusively for B&G and SIMRAD MFDs
  • Modular installation, suitable for larger, more complicated vessels.
  • Full control and monitoring of all systems on board.
  • customisable floor plan layouts and automation.
  • On screen troubleshooting and alarms.

    Oceanic Systems


    • Compatible with most 3rd party equipment via adaptors of interfaces.
    • Fully customisable screens and AMCS system.
    • Relay output and switch input modules give custom options for integration.
    • Suitable for larger, more complex vessels.
    • Multiple sensors available, compatible with NMEA2000, allowing monitoring of pressure, fuel flow, barometric pressure and air temperature. 


      • Not an independent digital switching system, but has basic functionality across the masterbus network.
      • Basic digital control of power sources and a basic AMS built in for all power solutions on board.
      • Display Battery Status, Ah remaining, Shore power current etc.
      • Operate chargers and inverters remotely.
      • Fully compatible with CZone to allow full vessel control of Mastervolt equipment from CZone interfaces.