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Take your experience to a whole new level!

With an innovative, modern interface featuring powerful navigation capability with C-MAP® support, you’ll see everything like never before. The NSXTM features integrated Sonar, full Radar and Autopilot systems compatibility, and with our handy Setup Wizard tool you’ll be up and running in no time. All you need to do now is choose your next adventure.

Expand your system with advanced Simrad® technology​

Identify hazards with HALO® pulse compression radars, stay on course with Autopilot systems and experience a range of integrated Sonar.

Get high-resolution images 300 feet below and 300 feet to the sides of your vessel with Active ImagingTM 3-in-1, featuring all your sonar – CHIRP, DownScan ImagingTM and SideScan – from a single transducer. For superior clarity and the highest resolution images at a longer range than any other structure imaging technology.

FishRevealTM Smart Target View provides even easier target identification with clearly defined fish arches. You can even search greater depths with a wide range of compatible 1kW transducers.

Contact E-Touch Navcom today to discuss the upgrade options available to your Navigation system.