TowPro delivers Tow Protection throughout your tow.

TowPro products are available for all phases of Tow Protection, and can be simply upgraded when required

TowPro AIS Products

TowPro AIS products are designed for use by captains towing by day or night and in poor visibility. If the crew act promptly, it is expected that a lost tender can be safely recovered at the time.

TowPro 200 provides peace of mind that the bridge will be immediately aware if the tender goes adrift, and that its position will be recorded

TowPro 300 provides the captain with direct visual sight of the drifting tender when returning to it, even in poor visibility or darkness. COLREG compliant lights notify other vessels that the tender is Not Under Command




TowPro is a compact, easy to install electronics sensing and communication device, which delivers the right information to captains at the right time for them to minimise the risk of loss.

TowPro is easy to install on both superyacht and tender:

  • industry standard interfaces

  • pre-configured default settings in software

  • intuitive Settings menu to personalise

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