Mastervolt Mass Combi Ultra and Mass Combi Pro

A single Mass Combi Ultra or Mass Combi Pro might just be all the entire smart charging / inverting / AC Switching that you need. Just connect the batteries, generator, ac loads and you’re away laughing! It will switch between shore power or generator instantly and automatically, meaning the clock on the microwave won’t need re setting every time the boat is taken out! Essentially the whole boat is run on a big UPS.

  • Inverter and Charger and 2 input AC control in a single box
  • Smart enough to turn on the generator when it’s needed
  • Parallable, meaning you can have a 2 or more connected for system reliability and to control more power (Up to 35kW)
  • 12V / 24V and 48V available, up to 3500 VA

Mastervolt CombiMaster 

The CombiMaster is the smarter younger brother to the Mass Combi Ultra / Pro. Where the Mass Combi Ultra / Pro will take a generator connection and a shore power connection, the Combimaster only has one AC input, meaning an external switch for AC change over as well. We are particularly excited about the new NMEA2000 connection. This allows us to monitor and control through the NMEA2000 bus, allowing you to see what’s happening from any nav or Czone screen around the boat – including the ipad! 

  • Inverter and Charger and AC control in a single box
  • Generator Compatible
  • Integrated NMEA2000 Connection, Masterbus and CZone
  • 12V / 24V at 2kW and 3kW rated power

Mass Sine / Mass Sine Ultra Inverters

The Mass Sine range of inverters is exactly what you want from an inverter. Reliable, and smart enough with the Masterbus connection to be reliable even when things are not going to plan aboard. Automatic shut down and alarm functionality can save you thousands of dollars.

  • 12V or 24V operation, 800W to 5000W available
  • Ultra series can be operated in parallel to give up to 40kW output

Mass Series Battery Chargers 

The Mass Series Battery Chargers are the logical choice when looking for a battery charger. They’re very reliable and several models are DNV-GL certified, which is important when needed on a Class certified vessel. The ChargeMaster range is also available, which adds a NMEA2000 connection to the Masterbus connection which the Mass series has, meaning easier connection to the ships monitoring system.

  • 12V or 24V operation, up to 100A output
  • Can be used in parallel to give a higher current output
  • DNV-GL Versions have a front display with GMDSS alarm functions